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As of the [update] census , the population of the city of Palma proper was ,, [ citation needed ] and the population of the entire urban area was ,, [1] making it the twelfth largest urban area of Spain. Almost half of the total population of Mallorca live in Palma. As of [update] over 60, non-Spanish foreigners registered with the town hall lived in Palma; the registered foreign population from to declined by , the numerically highest decline in the Balearics.

Palma has a Mediterranean climate , the climate classification named after the sea surrounding the city. There is a significant marine influence to warm winters, but summers are warmed by the surrounding continental landmasses. On the lawns are several glass boxes, which let in light and ventilation to the station below ground.

Just down the street from here a new bus station is under construction. At the centre of the plaza is a statue of James I , Conquistador of Majorca. Palma is famous for La Seu , its vast cathedral built on a previous mosque which was built atop an original Christian church.

Although construction of the present Cathedral began in , it did not finish until The Parc de la Mar Park of the Sea lies just south, overlooked by the great building which sits above it on the city's stone foundations.

Between the two are the town walls. The Old City in the south-east area of Palma behind the cathedral is a maze of streets clearly hinting at an Arab past. The majority are private houses, some of which are open to the public as discreet museums or galleries.

The small two-roomed brick building that once housed the baths is of Byzantine origin, dating back to the 11th century and possibly once part of the home of a Muslim nobleman. The bathroom has a cupola with five oculi which let in dazzling light.

The twelve columns holding up the small room were pillaged from an earlier Roman construction. The floor over the hypocaust has been worn away by people standing in the centre, mainly to photograph the entrance and the garden beyond it. The whole room is in a rather dilapidated condition. The other room is a brick cube with a small model of the baths as they once were in the corner.

Unfortunately one of the columns in this model has fallen over. Founded in and situated in Mallorca's capital city, this urban distillery is the small-scale craft distillery in Palma, launching with Palma Gin Destilado in September of the same year with plans for Palma Vodka shortly afterwards.

With a L copper pot still, the team at Mallorca Distillery produces local premium craft spirits using ingredients that are locally and ethically foraged or sourced from the island wherever possible. Further to this, the team are working to give back to the island by helping local farmers with the maintenance of their land and by actively taking part in beach clean up projects around the island. The distillery is open to visitors throughout the week and offers the opportunity to sample and buy their spirits, to take a tour around the site and even to blend your own version of Palma Gin from a range of 30 flavour distillates.

Basketball is also a popular sport. Because of its maritime location all sea sports have also a big presence in Palma. Maybe the most important sporting event in the city is the Ciutat de Palma Prizes. Road cycling is very popular in Mallorca.

An international race for professional cyclists, the Vuelta a Mallorca , is held in February, the first day of which consists of a circuit race around the streets of Palma.

The city is also home to the Palma Arena , a multi-platinum venue featuring a velodrome. The arena also hosted the Battle of Surfaces tennis event. In June , the city of Palma participated in the First World Company Sports Games which included five days of culture, sport and inclusivity within the community of Mallorca as a whole.

It was operated through the World Federation Company Sport and was promoted for both local people and tourists to come together in the city. It became a large business venture by offering packages including accommodations close to the events and additional tourism information for future events. Palma de Mallorca is twinned with:.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Palma, Majorca. This article is about the city in Mallorca. For other similar names, see Palma disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

City and Municipality in Balearic Islands, Spain. View of Palma Bay, from Bellver Castle. Timeline of Palma de Mallorca. This section needs additional citations for verification. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. The most abundant mammals are the rodents rats and mice and bats 8 species , including important rarities such as the Barbastelle bat Barbasterella barbastrellus.

The number and diversity of invertebrates is enormous. However, the most celebrated and appreciated group is the birds. Birds which fly effortlessly between marshlands separated by hundreds or thousands of kilometres find food and shelter amongst the lagoons and canals.

The 61 species breeding in the Park comprise both sedentary species remaining throughout the year and summer visitors which migrate south once breeding is over. A third group comprises visitors from the north which come for the coldest months of winter. Large flocks of ducks shoveler, wigeon, teal Every winter the numbers of these main species comfortably exceed 10, individuals.

Migrants are species which visit the Park in the course of their journeys, remaining in transit for just a few days. They include substantial numbers of garganey, ruff and other waders, hirundines Lastly there are the vagrants, or occasional visitors, such as cranes, glossy ibis or spoonbills. The attached list gives the most interesting species for visitors and for nature conservation. Special Protection Area for Birds.

Based on the premise that birds are a Europe-wide heritage shared by all, the Directive sets out to promote the conservation and suitable management of all wild birds living within the European Community.

Within it protection measures are defined, and restrictions applied for quarry species and the sale of wild birds. In addition, the Directive identifies habitat protection as a prerequisite for species protection. At such sites, known as Special Protection Areas for Birds SPAs , measures are adopted to avoid any habitat deterioration or other disturbance which may affect the birds.

The governments which ratified it committed themselves to promote the protection and the balanced use of wetlands.

Visiting hours at the Park are from For group visits more than 15 people a special permit is required and this must be applied for in advance, please enquire at the Reception Centre open Entry to the Park is resticted to groups of under 30 people at all time s.

Respect nature and the values which have made this protected area possible. The gathering of flowers, plants, animals or their remains is not permitted. In all cases, occupy the tables at Sa Roca for brief periods only.

Their entrance to the Park is not permitted. A new website that contains a birdlist with pictures present at s'Albufera. Not yet official, the pictures and texts are from Maties Rebassa. S'Albufera is one of the most striking geomorphological landscapes of Majorca, its formation being a consequence of the geological processes which created the Island. The emergence of Majorca as an island is relatively recent in geological terms, dating from the Upper Tertiary Era about 18 million years ago.

Since then the coastline has changed repeatedly, due to several periods of sea level fluctuation. S'Albufera is one of the areas affected by these processes. In the Miocene, one of the periods of the Tertiary Era, the whole plain of Sa Pobla was flooded, due to a rise in the sea level. Coral reefs, similar to those in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, developed in these shallow marine waters. A few million years later the Straits of Gibraltar closed and the Mediterranean sealevel fell rapidly due to evaporation.

Then the Mediterranean was reduced to a series of salt lakes, but by the end of the Tertiary Era, in the Pliocene, Gibraltar opened once again, allowing the waters of the Atlantic Ocean to flood the low-lying Mediterranean area. The formation of small brackish lagoons in the plain of Sa Pobla and Inca dates from these times. This geological process, the sedimentary deposits of clay, result in a coastal lagoon having a relatively brief life in geological, thought not in human terms due to dessication.

If it had not been for the continual subsidence in this area during the Miocene and Pleistocene, the coastal lagoon of S'Albufera would have disappeared.

Glaciation in the last Quarternary Era caused great fluctuations in the sea level, alternately flooding and drying S'Albufera and other areas of the plain of Majorca. About years ago in the Riss Glacial Period the formation of a sandy coast gives the first indication of the emergence of the current S'Albufera. A study of the sedimentation of S'Albufera has allowed geologists to determine that there are epochs in which salt water predominated, and other periods -of maybe centuries- when the water was almost, or even completely fresh.

During these fresh water periods, layers of peat were deposited. These variations were a consequence of slight changes in the sea level, as well as of the increase of fresh water flowing into S'Albufera from streams or springs from the plain of Sa Pobla.

The landscape of S'Albufera has varied considerably during different times. During Roman times the water level was about metres higher than today. Then S'Albufera became a succession of relatively shallow ponds, linked by canals. The pond called L'Estany dels Ponts had an approximate depth of metres.

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